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As outsourcing, global commerce and constantly improving technologycontinue to change the business world, specialized professionals like scientists,engineers and information technology (IT) workers are increasingly beingasked to take on more business-oriented tasks. These tasks can includecommunicating with executive stakeholders, managing business change,thinking more critically, leading large teams and making complex businessdecisions. Unfortunately, it’s becoming almost universally clear that manytechnical employees are not equipped with the business knowledge andskills necessary to succeed in this role—or help their organizations reach theirstrategic goals. This paper examines this phenomenon and offers six crucialfocus areas necessary for success in the larger organizational environment. Thepaper concludes with practical “next steps” for implementing these essentialbusiness skills into the repertoire of your technical professionals.

Feb 8, 2021
Dec 3, 2010
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This resource is no longer available.