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Computer Weekly is the UK's leading business technology publication. In this week's issue, we find out how mainframe technology that was meant to be dead and buried is finding innovative new applications. We analyse the challenges facing the government's largest deployment of agile software development, and our Buyer's Guide to customer engagement tools highlights the firms making the most of social media.

Cover story: A new lease of life for the mainframe

The mainframe is still not dead yet. We look at how IBM is bolstering Big Iron, developing new applications in banking, transport, fishing and wine.

DWP takes the plunge with agile methodology for Universal Credit scheme

Tight deadlines left the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) with little choice but to use unproven agile methods to develop its flagship 2bn overhaul of the benefits system.

CIO interview: Fotis Karonis, vice-president of IT at mobile giant Everything Everywhere

The joint venture between Orange and T-Mobile, known as Everything Everywhere, has an opportunity to differentiate itself in a highly competitive market, with IT the driving force.

How far away is the government's vision of the Public Services Network?

The long-awaited Public Services Network (PSN) - to enable the delivery of government services from any provider or location - is now underway. But how achievable is the government's vision of a national "network of networks"?

Opinion: Top skills for IT managers - change management

Positively managing and implementing change within the organisation is vital to success, writes Joseph Czarnecki, senior consultant at ESI International.

Buyer's Guide to customer engagement - Part two: The companies where social media analysis is helping CRM take off

We take a look at how leading organisations are integrating social networking into their customer engagement programmes.

Self-encrypting drives: What is holding up SED adoption?

Self-encrypting drives (SEDs) provide a high level of data security by encrypting all data on the disk drive automatically without any action required by users - yet SED technology remains one of the security.

CIOs must prepare for IT 2.0

The status quo cannot continue. IT is a cost centre, and CEOs often believe IT is a necessary evil. Why does it cost so much to run an IT department? Why do so many projects fail to deliver? Such questions have dogged CIOs and IT directors for the past two decades. It is time IT stopped being a necessary business cost and started leading efforts to drive revenues.

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Oct 11, 2011
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