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Wayne Eckerson Discusses Utilizing Geospatial BI to Reach Business Goals


In the world of BI, organizations use information to make smarter business decisions. BI strategy improves an organization’s understanding of their business activities and adding spatial BI, or location intelligence, can significantly aid in this analysis.

In this whiteboard video session, renowned BI expert Wayne Eckerson outlines best practices and recommendations for:

• Incorporating spatial data into BI
• Using BI tools with mapping functions and GIS reports
• Effectively leveraging spatial BI for your organization’s overall BI strategy


Wayne Eckerson Research Director, TechTarget and Principal Consultant, BI Leader Consulting

Wayne Eckerson has been a thought leader in the data warehousing, BI, and performance management fields since 1995. He has conducted numerous in-depth research studies and is the author of the best-selling book “Performance Dashboards: Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your Business.” He is a noted keynote speaker and blogger, and he conducts workshops on business analytics, performance dashboards, data warehousing trends, and BI governance.

05 Oct 2011

This resource is no longer available.