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Cloud University – CIO Strategies for the Cloud


With pressure to move to the cloud coming from all quarters of the modern enterprise, making a successful move to the cloud requires forethought and leadership at the highest levels of IT management. It’s vital for today’s CIOs and senior IT leaders to understand the benefits and pressures any cloud implementation can put on their organization.

In this classroom, Larry Walsh with the 2112 Group, presents four lessons designed to help CIOs navigate both business and technology obstacles on the road to cloud computing success.

Lessons Include:

  • Lesson 1: Doing the Math: Is Cloud Computing Right For Your Business?
  • Lesson 2: Understanding Cloud Strengths
  • Lesson 3: Bridging Public and Private Clouds
  • Lesson 4: Cloud Success Stories

You’ll also find recommended reading materials pertaining to the topics discussed and at the end of the class, you can test your knowledge with our final quiz!

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Lawrence M. Walsh President & CEO, The 2112 Group

Lawrence M. Walsh is one of the most recognizable figures in the IT channel and security communities, and is considered one of the more forward-thinking leaders in the industry. He personally oversees the development and implementation of research, collaboration and content programs at The 2112 Group, which he founded to advance the state of the art in the technology marketplace and channel community.

30 Sep 2011
30 Sep 2011
Virtual Seminar

This resource is no longer available.