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Computer Weekly is the UK's leading business technology publication. In this week's issue, BP's CIO explains how the oil giant cut its supplier base from 3,000 to just seven, saving $800m as a result. We examine fears over the effect the Olympics will have on firms looking to open datacentres in London; our latest Buyer’s Guide looks at tools for improving customer engagement; and IT leaders discuss the challenges of the cloud and datacentre transformation.

Cover story: Supplier overhaul helps BP extract $800m IT savings

BP's CIO explains how the oil giant reduced its technology supplier base from 3,000 to just seven, and forced them to work together in a collaborative environment, saving millions of pounds as a result.

The impact of the Olympics power drain on London-based datacentres

Power shortages and costs are becoming an increasing concern for companies with datacentres in London as the Olympics approaches. Verizon Business recently opted to locate its flagship European database in Amsterdam rather than London, as it was concerned about power shortages in the capital during the Olympics.

Cloud computing: What IT managers need from suppliers

IT departments and suppliers have a long way to go before they understand each other on cloud computing. That was the conclusion when IT practitioners and suppliers met recently to discuss the barriers to cloud

European Commission buys Microsoft for 20 years without competition

The European Commission has been buying Microsoft software since 1993 without an open and public competition to assess alternative products. As a result the Commission has ensured Microsoft will have dominated the desktop computing environment of European institutions for 20 years without allowing a single rival to compete for the business.

Opinion: The SME security challenge

Over the years, research findings have consistently demonstrated widespread exposure to risk when it comes to data protection and security among smaller businesses, writes Dale Vile, managing director of Freeform Dynamics.

Buyer's Guide to customer engagement - Part one: Social networking adds another layer to CRM practices

From the way social networking is often reported, it would seem to be that traditional customer relationship management (CRM) has had its day, and all companies need to do is to create a Twitter account and a Facebook page and engage prospects and customers through these. However, it is not quite as simple as that, and the devil - as always - is in the detail.


Self-encrypting drives: What's holding back SED hard drive encryption security?

Self-encrypting drives (SEDs) provide a high level of data security by encrypting all data on the disk drive automatically without any action required by users - yet SED technology remains one of the security industry's best-kept secrets.


Best practice in datacentre transformation

At a recent Computer Weekly roundtable, IT directors discussed techniques for transforming the datacentre and the challenges of such a project.

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