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The Network Evolution University: Next Generation Networks


Rapidly changing network infrastructures, booming mobile technologies, and the emergence of cloud computing have all profoundly transformed what today’s network is and how it runs.

In order to combat these ever-evolving challenges, it’s time to head back to school in our exclusive Network Evolution University – John Burke, Principal Research Analyst with Nemertes Research, will share his expertise on how you can meet the challenges of the enterprise technology landscape, live from your desktop in our Network Evolution University.

Featuring three distinct classes and nine progressive learning lessons that explore all there is to know about next generation networks and how to overcome the challenges they present; including:

Classroom 1: Securing the Next-Generation Network

Classroom 2: Working with Mobile Enterprise Technology

Classroom 3: Critical Aspects of Cloud Networking

Start making smarter decisions about your next generation network strategy today!


John Burke, Principal Research Analyst, Nemertes Research

John Burke is a Principal Research Analyst with Nemertes Research, where he conducts primary research, develops cost models, delivers strategic seminars, advises clients, and writes thought-leadership pieces across a wide variety of topics. John leads research on virtual enterprise, focusing primarily on the virtual and mobile desktop, application delivery optimization (ADO), and management and orchestration tools for the virtualized data center and the cloud. He also covers security related to all these topics, as well as server and storage virtualization, network and application performance management and monitoring, branch office IT, and SOA.

Keynote Speaker: Meeting the Challenges of the Evolving Enterprise Technology Landscape

Aaron Turner, President, IntegraCell
Aaron Turner is President of IntegraCell, an information security consultancy focused on helping Fortune 100 companies manage the risks associated with technology dependencies in critical infrastructure systems.

Speaking in Classroom: Securing the Next-Generation Network

Zeus Kerravala, SVP and Distinguished Research Fellow, Yankee Group

Zeus Kerravala leads the Research Council and is chartered with the responsibility of providing thought leadership to the research organization. Comprising senior research leaders, the Research Council provides outreach to clients and the broader Yankee Group community, as well as ensures that the company's research agenda addresses the needs of business leaders. Kerravala drives the strategic thinking of the research organization and helps shape the research direction.

Speaking in Classroom: Critical Aspects of Cloud Networking

Craig J. Mathias, Principal, Farpoint Group

Craig J. Mathias is a Principal with Farpoint Group, an advisory and systems-integration firm based in Ashland, MA, specializing in wireless networking, mobile computing, and related technologies, products and services. The company works with manufacturers, carriers and operators, enterprises and the financial community in technology assessment and analysis, strategy development, product specification and design across a broad range of markets and applications.

Speaking in Classroom: Essential Mobile Enterprise Technology

29 Sep 2011
09 Nov 2011
Virtual Seminar

This resource is no longer available.