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Expert Webcast: Realign Your Data Protection Efforts


Attackers go to great lengths to infiltrate organizations and go well beyond technically savvy hacks to worm through networks and systems to steal identity information and ultimately intellectual property. This webcast will break down a modern attack and explain what attackers target and how they execute attacks, all in the context of your need to reassess and reprioritize risk. You’ll learn what you need to do to realign your strategic focus to counter new threats by first understanding what’s important to your business, and then developing a strategy that helps you break the chain of events in an attack and stop them before it gets too deep inside your company.


David Sherry CISO, Brown University

As CISO at Brown, David Sherry has institutional responsibilities to provide proactive security expertise, engineer robust security architecture, drive identity strategy and policy, and enhance the culture of security awareness. As the university spokesman for information security, Sherry also plays a key role in the record management program, business continuity planning, and copyright compliance and protection. Prior to moving to higher education he spent several years in financial services, with responsibilities for enterprise security governance and regulatory compliance, access controls and operations, identity management, and the security awareness program.

26 Sep 2011

This resource is no longer available.