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Computer Weekly is the UK's leading business technology publication. In this week's issue, we take an in-depth look at Windows 8 - identifying what new features will be key to business users; and examine the remains of the National Programme for IT and what this means for the future of the NHS.


Cover story: Windows 8: First look at Microsoft's new features for business users

Microsoft released the first developer preview of Windows 8 at its Build conference in Anaheim, California. Computer Weekly looks at the key features that will be relevant to business users.

Burying the National Programme for IT

The government's decision to scrap the outstanding National Project for IT came as little surprise to those who have followed the terminally ill project since 2002. But what will this diagnosis mean for the NHS' badly-needed modernisation programme?

Identity assurance - how it affects public services and personal data

The success of the government's "digital by default" agenda, a central drive in its ICT strategy, will depend to a large extent on how comfortable the public feels in putting personal data online. Identity assurance will play a central role for the government in delivering digital public services, which is seen as an important way to cut the cost of the public sector.

Opinion: Is government IT more worthy than all of Wales?

The government spends 20bn a year on IT, as far as anyone can tell. Let's put that into perspective. 20bn per year is more than we spend on income support, the Ministry of Justice, the Department for Transport and all of Wales. It is also three times what we spend on the British Army, writes Mark Taylor.

Buyer's guide to business intelligence: Part four - choosing the right BI tool for the job

The growth in data is making it harder to gain meaningful business insights because decision-makers can only track data on a periodic basis. Increasingly, business leaders want to make decisions faster and this is putting the IT department under more pressure at a time when they are being asked to do more with less.

IT apprentices bridge the skills gap

With the number of students gaining IT-related GCSE and A-levels continuing to fall, and university tuition fees set to rocket in England and Wales next year, the IT sector is preparing alternative IT career paths for young people looking to enter the industry.

BPM's role in transformation

Collaboration and real-time analysis are moving business process management (BPM) out of IT and into lines of business - supporting organisations of all kinds in managing change.

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