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Small businesses acknowledge that enabling access to data for remote employees and users from external organisations is fundamental to ensuring the on-going efficiency of the processes that drive their businesses. However, they also worry about the risks involved. There is a need to resolve this paradox.

All businesses, including the smallest, need to find ways of securely enabling remote access to data for their employees and the users of organisations with which they have shared business processes.

There are a number of ways of achieving this. One of the most flexible is an on-demand file sharing service. This is cheaper and less complex than running and providing access to an internal server for this purpose. It is also easier to implement for employees using their own devices, or for external users, than deploying virtual desktops or specific applications to achieve the same end.

Those organisations that do not find effective ways of sharing such data will lose competitive edge. However, those that do share data, but have too little control over it, will be introducing unacceptable levels of risk in to their organisations.

The report draws on new primary research to look at the scale of the problem supported by data from 350 interviews with organisations with between 3 and about 100 employees in Europe, USA and Australia.

Quocirca is a research and analysis company specialising in the business impact of information technology and communications.

Feb 8, 2021
Sep 21, 2011
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This resource is no longer available.