MicroScope September 2011: A special issue examining the security market

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How can the channel help customers cope with consumerisation?

The Bring our Own Device movement has taken off this year causing an influx of consumer devices onto corporate networks. Security headaches have followed but as Amro Gebreel finds out it's in helping overcome those headaches that the channel has a real opportunity to add value.

Social networking threat research

Research has revealed that not only has the message about the dangers of sensitive data leaking via social networks reached customers but it has provoked a clampdown. But the decision by UK firms to pull up the drawbridge against services like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook puts them out of step with US firms looking to exploit the social platforms.

Is UTM still the perfect SME pitch?

Small businesses have always been seen as the perfect customer base for all-in-one security appliances and that market has extended its functionality moving from UTM to XTM. But is it still the product of choice in that market? Linda Endersby investigates.

Case Study

Wick Hill has been operating in the security distribution market since 1997 but in its aim to be a source of added value it has developed an approach to the market that not only has resellers best interests at heart but also those of its vendors. Investments it has made in convergence indicate just what it takes to keep a step ahead of the market.


Hosted specialist Peer 1 is about to open its doors on a brand new data centre facility in Portsmouth. Amanda Dunn, director of business development at the company, tells us just what it takes to make sure the data is secure from both cyber and physical attack.

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Oct 21, 2011

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