ACP- The Truth About Power Consumption Starts Here

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As customers begin to seek more information regarding power consumption of processors as well as platforms, they are putting pressure on their vendors to deliver more detailed, and most importantly, more accurate power measurements to help them better determine the true power consumption. The days of simply being able to quote the maximum power from a design standpoint are gone forever – customers demand more accuracy in order to help them best plan for their infrastructures.

Based on these customer demands, one company has developed a new metric to more accurately reflect power consumed by the processor as well as the memory controller during relevant peak workloads. The new metric is designed to give customers a more accurate idea of the power consumed by the processor, allowing customers to more realistically forecast their power budget assessments to estimate how much power might actually be consumed at the wall and more accurately allow them to plan their data center power and cooling infrastructure.

Dell, Inc. and AMD
Feb 8, 2021
Aug 24, 2011
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