Webcast Transcript: New Platforms, New Technologies, But Old Headaches

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Whilst DR has been around forever, it's recently become a renewed area of focus, and with good reason; The tolerance for downtime and lost data has become tremendously smaller in today's 24/7 business climate. The ability to recover quickly could mean the difference between a minor glitch and your organisation shutting its doors forever.

A mixed-environment data centre, however presents some unique challenges when it comes to disaster recovery. Special attention is needed to the details, and the tried-and-true approaches typically used don't always work.

Check out this transcript of a recent webcast to learn:

  • The need for disaster recovery: Why DR matters
  • Heterogeneous data centres: The hidden expenses
  • Protecting mixed platform data centres
  • Virtualisation: Why it's key to DR planning
  • And more!
Feb 8, 2021
Aug 24, 2011
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