Presentation Transcript: Has Your QSA Thrown You Under a Bus?

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After working with hundreds of organizations striving to achieve PCI compliance, we understand that one of the biggest challenges is finding and maximizing the use of a quality QSA. This presentation transcript will give you examples of how a bad QSA can derail your PCI program.

View this webcast to explore profiles of bad QSAs:

  • QSAs so unschooled in technical matters, that they believe in impossible things—and expect you to do them!
  • QSAs too nervous to suggest compensating controls—even when such controls are cheaper, more effective, and easier to deliver
  • QSAs with a Napoleon complex. They think like a general. And your company supplies the troops. They command. You respond. And guess who dies on the battlefield?
  • QSAs that are irresolute. They change their mind. They shift their opinion. Meanwhile, your compliance goal keeps drifting farther into the future
Dell SecureWorks
Apr 1, 2021
Aug 22, 2011
Presentation Transcript
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