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Real-Time Decision Management Tips


Organizations need systems that allow them to respond to fast changing conditions. These systems must be easy to change as requirements change and be able to respond to what is happening in real-time. Rules-based decision management systems are easy to change. Combining business rules with event-based processing ensures they respond to changing situations in real-time.

Featured as the concluding half of a two-part series which tackles the toughest pain-points for business decision-makers, this webcast features decision management expert James Taylor, who will join RedHat to discuss "Active Decision Management," the effective combination of business rules and event-based approaches.

You will learn

  • How Decision Management and Event Processing interact
  • The use cases for using business rules and event processing together
  • How to combine business rules and event processing
  • The capabilities you need to look for when developing event-based Decision Management systems


James Taylor CEO of Decision Management Solutions

James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, is the leading expert in decision management and a passionate advocate of decisioning technologies—business rules, predictive analytics and data mining. James helps companies develop smarter and more agile processes and systems. He has led decision management efforts for companies in insurance, banking, health management and telecommunications. James is a regular keynote speaker, trainer and co-author with Neil Raden of Smart (Enough) Systems.

Edson Tirelli Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat

Edson Tirelli is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat with over 10 years of experience in the Middleware and Telecom Industries. He has been working on the Drools project (part of the JBoss Enterprise BRMS product) design and development for 5+ years and is the Lead Designer of the Drools Fusion CEP engine

Red Hat
Sep 29, 2011, 13:00 EDT (17:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.