How Security Can Help Grow Your Business: The Marketing Side of Tokenization

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Tokenization is more than a security measure and more than a cost savings technique. It can be used to build your business. In this white paper we'll discuss the ways tokens can be used in back-end business operations to develop powerful marketing programs. Using tokens rather than the PAN, merchants can choose between card- or transaction-based tokens, making loyalty programs more precise, and reducing wasted marketing efforts. Tokenization can also be shared by more than one merchant, provided the merchants use the same processor or facility to generate and store the tokens, creating a more complete picture of the consumer.

For companies that have not previously kept transaction data after settlement, tokenized payment data presents numerous possibilities. This non-sensitive data can be used in back-end business operations to:

  1. Develop innovative marketing campaigns
  2. Create customer loyalty programs
  3. Conduct business data analysis
  4. Assist with loss prevention 
First Data Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Aug 15, 2011
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