Top 5 Challenges for Hadoop MapReduce in the Enterprise

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IT organizations need to adopt new ways to deliver enterprise-class services to extract and analyze unstructured data. Though new methods such as MapReduce have been found to access, extract and organize data results sets, its delivery is becoming too expensive without enterprise-class delivery services. To meet emerging business demands to extract knowledge from unstructured data, enterprises require an enterprise-class solution that can schedule and manage data analysis processes across an entire distributed file system with the robustness that enterprise IT requires.

Platform Computing’s MapReduce approach provides development flexibility, operational maturity, better performance and higher scalability to meet the needs of the most complex environments. Platform Computing brings together two decades of distributed system management capabilities, providing a solution that allows linear scalability by balancing computation needs with the ever-growing volumes of data.

Platform Computing Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Aug 16, 2011
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