5 Ways to Optimize Your Workforce for Customer Contact in a Social Marketplace

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In today's mobile, media-saturated marketplace, it's a challenge to interact with customers flexibly and efficiently while still delivering a consistent quality experience. That customer-company collaboration through Web 2.0 and other channels has become the new norm only exacerbates this challenge.

A customer contact solution that combines workforce optimization (WFO) with advanced enterprise technologies enables organizations to step up to this challenge. WFO encompasses technologies and business practices that focus resources on customer contact. Organizations rely on WFO to plan, execute, measure and continuously improve customer engagement regardless of where or how customer interactions are initiated.

This white paper discusses how workforce, quality and performance management capabilities provide practical business processes and tools for effective staffing, monitoring, reporting, evaluation and coaching. The essential benefits are greater operational productivity and efficiency, an enhanced collaborative experience for employees and a routinely positive customer experience. Integrated with unified communications (UC) technologies, WFO is essential for continually improving the people and processes that drive next-generation customer contact and delivering on the most rigorous expectations of today’s consumer.

Feb 8, 2021
Aug 29, 2013
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