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Interactive Classroom - Private Cloud Deployment, Technologies and Strategies


This interactive classroom features exclusive lessons designed to get IT administrators up to speed on cloud computing technologies and the market. The lessons include a webcast on the different cloud computing models, a podcast on the top reasons why IT pros should care about cloud computing and an overview of the cloud services market. There’s also a quiz to test your knowledge of cloud computing and links to more expert resources from

Lesson 1:  Cloud Computing Models: Public vs Private vs Hybrid
This lesson explains the key differences between public, private and hybrid cloud computing models and when to use each one. It provides real-world examples of each and some of the challenges that go along with the different approaches. 

Lesson 2: Why Cloud?  Top five reasons why IT pros should care about cloud computing
There is so much fear and doubt out there about cloud services, particularly around security, and not enough information about what’s working in the cloud. This lesson offers IT practitioners five examples of why dipping a toe into the cloud market is worthwhile.

Lesson 3: Building an IT Infrastructure Roadmap to the Cloud
Learn some basic differences about current models and future models – and focus on key implications in the area of cost, management, security and staffing.

Lesson 4: Cloud Computing Quiz: Test your cloud knowledge in this cloud computing essentials quiz.

05 Aug 2011
03 Aug 2011
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This resource is no longer available.