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Whiteboarding Jam Session – The New Server Room for the SMB


Watch this videocast for a virtual whiteboarding session with Zeus Kerravala, VP of Research for the Yankee Group, as he discusses the things an SMB needs to think about when building a data center, also commonly known as a server room.

Learn the 3 primary considerations for SMBs as they build their data centers:

  1. Physical space for the data center
  2. Facilities – power and cooling
  3. IT Infrastructure

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Zeus Kerravala Principal Analyst, ZK Research

Zeus Kerravala provides a mix of tactical and long-term strategic advice to help his clients succeed. Prior to ZK Research, Kerravala spent 10 years as an analyst at Yankee Group. Before Yankee Group, Kerravala held a number of technical roles including a senior technical positions at Greenwich Technology Partners (GTP), Ferris, Baker Watts and Alex Brown and Sons, Inc.

17 Jul 2011

This resource is no longer available.