Presentation Transcript: How Security is Well Suited for Agile Development

Presentation Transcript: How Security is Well Suited for Agile Development


For years the software development community has increasingly embraced an iterative and incremental methodology for software development - Agile. It has driven significant business value through faster, more responsive features and functionality based on market and client demand. What does this development method mean for the an intrinsically process dependent security requirement? Is it possible to develop applications using Agile practices and yet retain a high level of software security assurance?

Read this presentation transcript to uncover the answers and explore:

  • Why the development team should care about security
  • Security risks and costs of applications
  • Relevancy and feasibility of security in an agile model
  • Best practices and techniques to support security in an agile environment
  • And more


Patrick Vandenberg Manager, Rational Security Marketing

Patrick Vandenberg, Manager of IBM Rational Security Marketing  is responsible for the strategic marketing and execution of the Rational AppScan portfolio. Patrick came to IBM through the acquisition of Watchfire in 2007 and brings 17 years experience in product management, product marketing, software development and sales, and most notably 12 years in the security industry.

Ben Mayrides Managing Consultant, Cigital

T. Ben Mayrides is a Managing Consultant at Cigital, Inc. Cigital is the leading global consulting firm specializing in all aspects of software and application security, quality and architecture, from strategic enterprise programs to extremely detailed technical services and applied research. Prior to joining Cigital, Ben was Technical Director of Information Technology Security at AOL, a global Web services company whose business spans online content, products, and services offered to consumers, publishers, and advertisers. As head of the Information Security Program, Ben was responsible for defining companywide policies for information security and implementing solutions to safeguard AOL’s information assets and global online consumer experience. He has been instrumental in building enterprise programs for risk analysis and advisory services, emerging online threat research and intelligence, information security incident management, and delivery of online consumer and infrastructure safeguards.

21 Jun 2011
21 Jun 2011
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