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Why Managed DNS Services and Why Now?


The Internet is spreading in terms of geography, users, devices, traffic and online revenue. The one element that enables this loose confederation of people, applications and devices to find one another and exchange information is the, Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure.  An active DNS management strategy is increasingly important to enterprises due to the security and addressing complexities inherent in recent industry trends, most notably the implementation of DNSec, the transition to cloud computing and the depletion of the IPv4 address pool. Enterprises must balance the degree of control they would like to exert over their DNS system with the cost and availability of DNS resources. With the heightened awareness of the vulnerability of enterprises to DNS-based attacks, a greater percentage of enterprises are turning to managed DNS services. In this webinar Yankee Group presents its Managed DNS Service Bill of Rights - what Enterprises need to expect and demand from a managed DNS service provider.

Verisign, Inc.
Jun 3, 2011

This resource is no longer available.