Presentation Transcript: Address Network Security and Dramatically Reduce PCI DSS Scope with Gateway Tokenization

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Access this presentation transcript for an overview of planned changes to the PCI DSS Standard and pros and cons of available technology solutions. Find out how security gateways offer ideal solutions for handling internal tokenization when maintaining ownership and controlling PAN data are primary organizational concerns. Speakers demonstrate how security gateways offer effective alternatives to outsourced solutions that can be impacted by token migration and card processor lock-in concerns.

Learn how to address six key compliance areas with a single solution:

  • Tokenizing customers’ credit card data to reduce potential PCI scope.
  • Restricting access to privileged data to those with a business need to know.
  • Adopting application-level security proxy and firewalling capabilities.
  • Incorporating on-premise virus scanning to reduce the threat of malicious attachments.
  • Tracking, monitoring and logging authorization requests from merchants to card processors.
  • Maintaining auditable security policies in a single, hardened form-factor, allowing for future review and change control.
Feb 8, 2021
May 19, 2011
Presentation Transcript
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