The Seven C's of Web Content Management

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The web content management (WCM) market is experiencing a significant evolution as
requirements for those platforms have expanded beyond just managing web content. Now, organizations
need WCM to help support rich, contextual, engaging, cross-channel experiences.

The growth of new content types, the emergence of new channels, and increased customer expectations drive this significant change in WCM. Today, content and collaboration (C&C) professionals need to remember
that the “C” in WCM no longer stands for just "content."

Instead, they must keep in mind the additional C’s:

  • Context
  • Channel
  • Consistency
  • Community
  • Consumer behavior
  • Creation

This white paper delves into the 7 C's of WCM.

Ektron, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
May 17, 2011
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