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Delivering Self-Service BI on the Windows Platform


Self-service business intelligence is jumping to the top of the IT priority list for one simple reason: as important as business intelligence is to the corporation, it doesn’t make sense to burden IT with business analysis tasks. There is great promise in giving business analysts direct access to data mining, report creation, analysis collaboration, and data publication. The more pervasive business intelligence is inside a company, the more sound decisions will be. On the other hand, if end-users cannot easily access or use the tools they need to perform the analyses, the IT burden is compounded rather than relieved.

Dell and Intel and Microsoft have partnered to provide a high-performance, reliable, secure business intelligence platform that puts familiar applications and collaboration capabilities in the hands of business analysts while giving IT the tools it needs to efficiently manage and maintain the technology. Check out this white paper to learn more.

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26 Apr 2011
26 Apr 2011
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This resource is no longer available.