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Podcast: Why Desktop Virtualization - Why Now?


In today’s competitive economic marketplace, IT shops face increasing pressure to deliver the most effective and efficient computing and support to their end users - around the globe and around the clock. Instead of supporting an internal, desktop-based workforce, IT is now supporting a wide variety of mobile endpoints as well. As a result of these changes, many organizations are turning to desktop virtualization as a way to tackle the new challenges that come with managing a diverse mix of endpoints.

In this podcast, Dell explores this “Next Generation of End User Computing.” Gain insight into how the evolving workforce is facilitating changes within IT. Learn how desktop virtualization can deliver the improved efficiency, stability, reliability and availability that is now critical for business success. Plus, get best practices for identifying the right methodology and mix of desktop virtualization solutions that make sense for your organization’s unique needs.


Michael Richtberg Marketing Strategy - Enterprise Solutions Product Group at Dell

Developing desktop virtualization strategies for optimized datacenter ingredients, Michael Richtberg is part of the Dell Best Value Solutions team. Defining Next Generation End User Experience product and technology solutions, Michael joined Dell in 2010 to lead direction setting on mobility and desktop virtualization. An expert in user virtualization, Michael has been driving product strategy at industry leading companies for more than 16 years.

Natalie Lambert Director, Product Marketing, XenDesktop, Citrix Systems

Natalie LambertNatalie Lambert, director of product marketing at Citrix, is responsible for the go-to-market strategy of XenDesktop. In her role, she is driving web based programs and key alliances to ensure broad understanding of desktop virtualization. Ms. Lambert joined Citrix in 2009 after 7 years at Forrester Research, where she was the leading expert on desktop virtualization, desktop management, and desktop security. In that role, she advised clients on technology investments and best practices surrounding the enterprise computing environment. Ms. Lambert has been widely quoted in the press, including outlets such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Rich Nockels Marketing Manager, Intel

Rich, after having graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Mechanical Engineering in 1989, has spent his career with both Motorola and Intel. In his 13 years at Intel, he has focused primarily on marketing efforts around the business PC segment. These efforts include the creation of marketing messages for Intel's vPro technology and client virtualization strategies, supporting end customer sales engagements, and training field sales teams on the wide variety of Intel's client computing product lines.

Dell Inc., Intel, Citrix
21 Apr 2011
Apr 21, 2011

This resource is no longer available.