Social Networking in the Enterprise: Benefits and Inhibitors

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Social technologies are moving from the consumer space into the enterprise, and Enterprise Social Software (ESS) is transforming how people work. Organizations are realizing greater value by delivering better collaboration across distributed teams – fostering innovation and scaling expertise across the enterprise. However, concerns remain regarding security, privacy and compliance.

In a recent study commissioned by Cisco, Forrester Consulting surveyed US and European-based IT and business decision makers to reveal the benefits and inhibitors they perceive with ESS and how they are using Enterprise Social Software to transform business processes.

Forrester found that ESS is contributing to knowledge sharing, better access to expertise, and increased innovation. A white paper based on the survey, "Social Networking in the Enterprise: Benefits and Inhibitors" reveals the primary considerations for social networking, such as: business value and strategic relevance, adoption trends and concerns, and strategic considerations for ESS deployment.

The white paper also shares how four organizations successfully deployed ESS to promote business value, gain competitive advantage, as well as their concerns about providing the right collaboration tools.

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Jun 1, 2010
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