Addressing the Problem of Inactive Data Filling Up Expensive Active Disk Silos

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According to virtually every study, analysis, pundit or perspective, the growth of file-based enterprise data is skyrocketing. Gartner research from March 2011 forecasts a compound annual growth rate in raw terabytes of external storage arrays at 55% over the next 5 years. This translates in a growth from the 2010 number of 11.8 million terabytes sold to a projected volume of 107.5 million terabytes in 2015. 

This growth rate does not include drives inside laptops or desktop computers. It doesn’t include drives that might be used in a myriad of other devices and technologies. This growth directly represents the increase in storage infrastructure for business, new file-oriented applications used in both enterprise and technical computing, disk-based backup and archive deployments, and expanded server and desktop virtualization projects.

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Feb 8, 2021
Apr 20, 2011
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