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The Benefits of Investing in ITIL Advanced Certification


The IT industry is in the midst of a transformation. “IT-Business alignment” may now be a clichéd phrase, but the fact remains that IT organizations that have been historically ‘techno-centric’ are changing into ‘business-centric’ organizations. Rather than being a separate entity within the company, which in the past was considered an overhead, IT organizations are increasingly becoming service-aligned. This enables them to actually partner with the business and speak the business language, making the overall organization more effective.

With the IT industry becoming increasingly service-aligned, organizations that perform IT Service Management well can stay a step ahead of competitors. ITIL is a descriptive set of best practices (with its associated publications And certifications) developed to provide guidance to implement Service Management and is now widely regarded as the de-facto standard for ITSM. In this context, a question that remains largely unanswered is whether ITIL Certified professionals add value to their organizations. Should you invest in training and miss your key people for the long period required to take the required courses and exams? Are ITIL certified professionals the ones who are Leading the aforementioned transformation in the IT organization? Or is it all a myth? To answer these questions, ITpreneurs conducted a research project.

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15 Apr 2011
15 Apr 2011
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This resource is no longer available.