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Embedding BI in Enterprise Applications: Magnifying the Analytical Impact


The business world is evolving into one that rewards timely, data-supported decisions as a supplement or replacement for "gut-feel" judgments. The challenge is that most organizations have more data than they know what to do with. Aberdeen's December 2010 benchmark report, Data Management for BI: Fueling the Analytical Engine with High-Octane Information, validates this assertion in demonstrating that the average organization sees a 41% year over year increase in data volume and struggles to control an average of 15 unique data sources. In response to these and other challenges, many organizations are turning to the business visibility and analytical capability offered within BI reporting and analytical toolsets. For some users however, BI is just another software package that carries a significant price tag, deployment effort, and learning curve. As a burgeoning option for leveraging BI capability, many companies are now looking for analytical capability offered as an integrated or "embedded" package within an existing software application.

For software providers considering the addition of BI capability and end-users exploring its business value, this Aberdeen Research Brief seeks to investigate and quantify the business impact of embedded BI.

15 Apr 2011
14 Apr 2011
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This resource is no longer available.