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What do cloud innovators really think? Get five cloud best practices


Get insight into the five best practices to innovate in the cloud with confidence.  Join the HP Software webcast featuring IDC as they share results of a major global study of cloud innovators and strategies. Register to attend this webcast now and gain insight on:

  • Why 80 % of new applications today are developed specifically to be accessed via the cloud
  • Five best practices to introduce and minimize the risk as you develop a cloud technology 
  • How to manage and secure physical, virtual, and cloud environments across the complete IT delivery chain— to drive innovation
  • And more


Paul Muller Vice President, Cloud Strategy, HP Software

Paul Muller serves as vice president of strategic marketing for software products within the Software business at HP. Muller has responsibility for aligning marketing activities with those of the sales channel so customers receive focused, consistent and coherent messages.

Mary Johnston Turner Research Director, System Management Software, IDC

Mary Johnston Turner, Research Vice President, Enterprise System Management Software, contributes to IDC’s coverage of the system management software industry. Her major areas of interest include systems operations, application service management, data center automation, asset management, and management software delivered as a service. Mary’s coverage includes market forecasts, competitive assessments, strategic vendor analyses and delivery of custom consulting projects.

HP Software
May 19, 2011, 13:00 EDT (17:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.