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Adaptive Security for the Health/Pharma Vertical


Healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations are more sophisticated than ever before; but with that sophistication, they also face new challenges. On one hand, these organizations face some of the same challenges as many enterprises. Organizations are becoming more distributed—with remote clinical offices, trial sites, rehab facilities, outsourcing, and off-site workers. Each office and individual requires unique yet seamless access to applications and resources via a plethora of different, often unsupported devices. Network performance and uptime are critical, and security is a must. IT staff is stretched to the limits, and may not even be on site at remote clinics.

There are however, challenges that are unique to a healthcare environment. Electronic charting (EMR), patient telemetry, labs and requisitions, that have traditionally been transported manually now travel electronically—placing much more stress on the network; stress that the network was never designed to handle. Secondary, to maintain compliance across the distributed deployment is also a hard and fast requirement which the network and its deployed technologies were never designed to support. The possibility of a data breach or compliance failure is multiplied with every location which is opened, application which goes online, user and endpoint device that is granted network access. And as healthcare becomes increasingly distributed and more reliant on the network, risk will continue to increase significantly if we continue to manage the network as we always have.

Juniper Networks, Inc.
13 Apr 2011
13 Apr 2011
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This resource is no longer available.