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Application Performance Management in a Virtualized Environment


Most application performance solutions targeting virtualized environments in the market today rely on taking the available monitoring metrics and manually presenting them in a unifi ed view. This approach is fundamentally fl awed because it derives the health of the service from an aggregation of infrastructure metrics that might have no relevance to the quality of service or the health of the virtualized applications that are running. The outcome of this strategy is only a summarized set of information that is no more valuable than the disparate set of metrics with which you started. There is no actionable data.

Compuware’s Vantage 11.5 collects network, system, virtualization and EUE metrics from disparate data sources in both physical and virtual environments. The data is then processed though the service model, which applies intelligent status and availability rules. Finally, Vantage presents meaningful, actionable information via dashboards along with reports tailored to the appropriate audiences, such as executives, service managers and IT operations staff. Armed with right information, IT teams can respond faster to poor quality service and save time by enabling faster root-cause analysis.

Compuware has worked extensively with VMware to provide extensive support for VMware environments within the Compuware Vantage Application Performance Management (APM) solution. Unlike most other APM solutions, Vantage provides application performance management in both physical and virtual environments, which means it can be used to provide a consistent APM environment throughout the migration of applications from physical to virtual platforms. In addition, Vantage 11.5 is certifi ed “VMware Ready” to give VMware customers additional assurance that they are choosing the best solution for their APM needs.

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Compuware Corporation
12 Apr 2011
12 Apr 2011
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This resource is no longer available.