Presentation Transcript: Engaging the New Breed of BI Users with Customizable Dashboards and Analytics

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In today's search for information, people are used to the browser experience and accustomed to using web applications that are very responsive to their needs. When it comes to Business Intelligence users, it is crucial that these users have a very positive and unified experience with their information applications to help them make those critical business decisions.

Read this webcast transcript with Shaku Atre, founder and managing partner of the Atre Group, along with Nobby Akiha, Sr. Vice President of Marketing at Actuate, as they discuss how organizations need to have a comprehensive and unified BI platform from which they can deliver compelling information applications with customizable dashboards and analytics that engage their end-users, customers and partners.

View this transcript to learn:

  • The dos and don’ts of creating a unified BI architecture to deliver compelling, interactive and collaborative applications with customizable dashboards and analytics
  • How to create BI applications that enable companies to improve efficiency, reduce costs and create competitive advantage
  • How BIRT can provide a seamless, unified user experience from one design that can continually evolve and grow with changing information needs
Feb 8, 2021
Mar 30, 2011
Presentation Transcript
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