Getting Started With Email Archiving for Exchange - The Exchange 2010 Edition

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Email Archiving is a key issue for many corporate decision makers. A driving factor for this is that many industries are impacted by federal regulations which require that email communications are archived and preserved for a statutory period of time. Email archiving regulations primarily pertain to publicly traded companies, financial institutions, health-care facilities, and government agencies.

Although compliance with federal regulations is usually a key motive behind email retention, many companies choose to retain and archive emails solely for legal purposes. Due to the litigious environment in which many companies exist, old email may be useful in lawsuits and can be subpoenaed in conjunction with criminal or civil charges. Email archives can work as a defense, but they can also become liabilities and increase a company’s risk profile if they expose unnecessary information or contain evidence of illegalities.

Continue reading to learn more about why email archiving is necessary and the benefits you gain from it.

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Feb 8, 2021
Mar 30, 2011
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