The Importance Of Real-Time Executive Dashboards

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The complexity of IT infrastructures and services is the root cause of the difficulties many IT organizations experience in managing the performance of critical business services. Using a technology-component-centric approach in a complex environment leads to a lack of understanding and cooperation between component teams, a misunderstanding of business criticality, and delays in identifying the root cause of performance issues. These are the biggest obstacles that preclude IT from achieving its efficiency goal.

As 2010 and 2011 corporate objectives are clearly oriented toward a reduction of operational costs and an improvement in business productivity, the lack of IT efficiency becomes an impediment to corporate goals. This is due to an inability to share meaningful technical and business information between teams that are too specialized to have a global view of business services and of all the technologies involved.

In conducting in-depth surveys with 154 IT decision-makers in North America and the UK, Forrester found that enterprises achieved better IT efficiency and better support for corporate goals by providing integrated, real-time, and accurate information through the implementation of customizable, real-time dashboards. According to the IT executives who implemented this type of dashboard, they were able to improve IT efficiency, increase end user satisfaction with business services, and reduce outages, thus improving business users’ productivity.

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Feb 8, 2021
Mar 21, 2011
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