The Economics of Cooperative Control Protocols are Free

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The key takeaway here is that inter-AP protocols are free, but controllers are not. In a market where all enterprise-class APs cost roughly the same, removing the controller hardware and feature licensing from the equation results in an immediate and extremely significant CAPEX decrease. For networks where controller redundancy is required, the savings are simply shocking.

When Ethernet switches run smart switching protocols and routers run smart routing protocols, why should access points be dumb? APs are distributed devices doing distributed computing, and they should run protocols that allow them to coordinate distributed data flow. Aerohive’s Cooperative Control protocol suite does the controller’s work, which eliminates the need to redesign your network in order to introduce a controller-based overlay infrastructure. That’s one less thing to manage, and one less thing to pay for.

Aerohive Networks
Feb 8, 2021
Mar 18, 2011
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