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Why Desktop Virtualization is more than VDI, and why you shouldn't forget about the traditional PC


Too many people erroneously use the terms "VDI" and "Desktop Virtualization" interchangeably. The reality is that they're not the same. While VDI is catchy and trendy, in actuality VDI is probably only useful for about 5% of all the world's users right now. Does that mean that the "other 95%" of users don't get the great advantages that are promised with VDI, like better backups, more security, flexibility, lower management costs? Of course not! All of this stuff can be done without VDI at all, using technologies like local image management, client-based virtual machines, and good old-fashioned "traditional" desktop management. In this virtual classroom, independent industry experts Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth will teach you how you can easily manage your traditional desktops and laptops in a low-risk way to get many of the same benefits of VDI. They'll also share stories of real customers who successfully replaced their stalled VDI pilots with successful desktop management projects.


Brien Posey Microsoft MVP, freelance technical writer

Brien Posey is a five time Microsoft MVP for his work with Windows Server, IIS, Exchange Server, and file system storage technologies. Brien has served as CIO for a nationwide chain of hospitals and healthcare facilities, and was once responsible for IT operations at Fort Knox. He has also served as a network administrator for some of the nation's largest insurance companies.

As a freelance technical writer, Brien has written or contributed to 35 books, and has published well over 4,000 articles and whitepapers for a variety of leading technology companies including Microsoft, TechTarget, CNET, ZDNet, Windows IT Professional, Windows Networking, Relevant Technologies and many others. You can visit Brien's personal website at

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This resource is no longer available.