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Answer Your Critical Business Questions Today: Leverage the Content Analytics Technology Behind IBM’s Watson


Valuable information is trapped in documents and images waiting to be exploited for business insight and competitive advantage. With the social content boom underway, now is the time to unlock the value of all of your enterprise content. Fresh off its victory on Jeopardy!, meet Watson, an amazing technological breakthrough. Developed by IBM, Watson leverages core content analysis, along with a number of other advanced technologies, to arrive at precise answers within a very short period of time. The business applications for this technology are limitless, from clinical healthcare, customer care, government intelligence and beyond. In this webcast, you will see how Watson works, including the application of Deep Question Answering and Natural Language Processing (NLP), how you can apply much of the technology today, and how Watson will influence the future of enterprise content management and content analytics by providing relevance to your enterprise content, including social content, images and more.


Craig Rhinehart Director, Products and Strategy, IBM Enterprise Content Management, IBM Software Group

Craig Rhinehart is the Director of Products and Strategy for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) which is part of IBM’s Software Solutions Group.  He has more than 20 years experience bringing innovative and successful products to market in the areas of enterprise content management including records management, electronic discovery and content analytics.  Rhinehart is also helping to lead IBM’s efforts to commercialize Watson, the breakthrough technology recently showcased on Jeopardy!

Rhinehart comes to IBM through the 2006 acquisition of FileNet, where he served as Vice President of Product Marketing.  Prior to joining FileNet, He was Vice President of Marketing for Tarian Software, which was also acquired by IBM in 2003.

Considered an expert in ECM, content analytics, electronic records and the US Department of Defense 5015.2-STD certification program he has led, and served as an advisor, on several key industry initiatives.

Mar 29, 2011, 14:00 EDT (18:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.