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Talladega County 9-1-1: 100% Network Availability for Emergency Calls Countywide with WhatsUp Gold


Until last year, emergency and non-emergency calls for assistance in Talladega County, Alabama, could be received by any of multiple Public Safety Answering Points depending on the caller’s location.

Inefficiencies were common. Callers might need more than one service, for example both the police and an ambulance. Cell phones and VoIP phones compounded the problem: it was not always clear where the caller was located. In response, The Talladega County Emergency Management Communication District created a single IP-enabled E9-1-1 Consolidated Communication Center.

Talladega County 9-1-1 began operating as a consolidated communication center in November of 2009. Soon after the installation Kennedy engaged Ipswitch Professional Services to help him optimize WhatsUp Gold. During a two-day engagement Talladega County 9-1-1 added SNMP monitoring of the microwave network along with new reports to show, for example, the ping latency of devices as well as device problems over time.

Continue reading to learn more about how Talladega County 9-1-1 uses WhatsUp Gold to monitor their entire network.

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02 Mar 2011
02 Mar 2011
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This resource is no longer available.