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Unchain Your Network with Application Intelligence and Control


Today’s workforce has access to more information, Web-based tools and rich media than ever before. As Web 2.0 applications permeate the corporate environment, they offer the promise of connecting people and enabling information exchange in novel and increasingly efficient ways. However, employees streaming video and music to their desktops are now stretching bandwidth to the limit. At the same time, this new paradigm of a business enhanced by Web-based applications threatens to undermine control and policy enforcement across network boundaries while evolving threats are finding new routes into the corporate network with potentially damaging effects.

The solution for many forward-thinking organizations is Application Intelligence. The next generation in firewall technologies, Application Intelligence advances the expected threat protection provided by traditional firewalls, so that organizations can empower users to access valuable applications, while enabling IT to protect the environment and ensure that bandwidth is available for mission-critical business processes.

This paper discusses the new risks facing organizations in light of the prevalence of Web-based applications and offers best practices for gaining control of applications, data and bandwidth. It also introduces SonicWALL® Application Intelligence and Control solutions, designed to help organizations of all sizes address the unique issues posed by Web 2.0, including employee use of unauthorized Web-based applications, streaming media, peer-to-peer applications (P2P) and protecting data sent in attachments and via email.

24 Feb 2011
24 Feb 2011
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This resource is no longer available.