Encouraging Greater SharePoint Adoption

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Microsoft SharePoint is quickly becoming the platform of choice for organizations to not only store their enterprise-wide content and optimize daily productivity, but also enable true collaboration. Particularly with its latest release, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, the platform is positioned to take organizations to the next level – beyond use as a central document repository – for more advanced initiatives such as enterprise content management. However, as SharePoint’s usage evolves and grows, major challenges must be addressed regarding the platform’s scalability, reliability, and access the platform provides. If end-users cannot rely upon the platform to perform vital day-to-day tasks, they will revert to utilizing disparate local drives and email. 

SharePoint Server 2010 incorporated many features to help improve reliability, scalability, and consequently increase adoption of the platform. As SharePoint is used for more complex business scenarios, more stringent requirements will come to the fore. So despite these improvements, some gaps still remain for third-party solutions to help enable enterprises reap the full benefits of their deployment. 

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AvePoint, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Feb 21, 2011
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