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Fortifying the Pillars of IT Governance


As organizations continue to expand their operations, information technology (IT) infrastructure is increasingly being utilized in order to conduct mission‐critical business processes. However, in the midst of trying to keep up with a quickly changing global economy – be it evolving regulations, legal exposure, or constant technological innovation – trying to tame the IT infrastructure used among disparate business units has become a vital challenge to address. Enter IT governance, a combination of practices and structures implemented to inform, direct, manage, and monitor activities toward the achievement of an organization’s business objective. 

Implementing IT governance to optimize performance, satisfy rapidly evolving regulations, and proactively reduce legal exposure, has become an intra‐departmental initiative involving board‐level executives, senior management, end‐user groups, and other stakeholders whose success depends upon IT assets meeting aggressive performance and compliance obligations. Many organizations have adopted Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies and take advantage of its powerful capabilities to optimize their business processes, streamline intra‐organizational communications, and centralize digital assets. With SharePoint's role in the organization becoming more critical, effective SharePoint governance has become an overriding concern among administrators and other key stakeholders today. 

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AvePoint, Inc.
21 Feb 2011
21 Feb 2011
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This resource is no longer available.