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Unleashing Microsoft SharePoint 2010’s Web Content Management Features


The power of the World Wide Web has dramatically changed the way companies conduct business with their customers, partners, and employees. Intranet and Internet sites, initially created as static information stores, have quickly transformed into dynamic environments for managing customer relationships, collaborating with partners, and communicating with knowledge workers worldwide. 

Due to the explosive growth of this burgeoning online channel, companies are struggling to manage websites and applications – particularly in terms of managing content targeted for different audiences in a diverse, global environment. That doesn’t detract from the simple fact that up-to-date, compelling web content is a necessity today. As reliance on web content has increased, so has the demand for a solution that empowers both line-of-business and information technology (IT) users with the tools necessary for efficiently and effectively managing these internal- or external-facing complex websites. 

Long heralded for its document management and collaboration abilities, Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies has quickly grown in popularity since its inception in 2001 as the go-to platform upon which organizations can centralize their business processes, key stakeholders, and enterprise-wide information. However, these deployments have been kept as an internal, intranet presence disconnected from organizations’ rapidly growing extranet, or Internet, presence. 

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 provides new, richer sets of web content management (WCM) functionality primed to enable organizations to truly use SharePoint as the customer-facing aspect of its business. The ultimate goal, then, would be to consolidate both the internal and external presence for an organization on one platform – one set of securities, one governance policy, one set of processes – via SharePoint. The opportunity is great, but so are the potential challenges.

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21 Feb 2011
21 Feb 2011
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This resource is no longer available.