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Improving Business Agility with Unstructured Data - The Power of Leveraging the Web, News Feeds, and Customer Commentary in Daily Decisions


As businesses strive to become more responsive to market conditions, many are turning to analytic applications that help decision makers evaluate unstructured data. Unstructured data, which includes text-based information stored in corporate communication materials such as emails, Word documents, PDF documents, and spreadsheets, and posts on Internet message boards and social media websites, offers insight into customer opinion, competitive moves, industry news, and the enterprise operations. Armed with information about the world around them, decision makers can respond more quickly and businesses can, therefore, become more agile. Historically, unstructured data was largely ignored because it was difficult to aggregate and analyze. Encouraged by technology advances and a growing body of success stories, however, leading organizations are now harnessing the value of unstructured data using text analysis, database management systems, search technologies, and business intelligence platforms. Continue reading to find out how organizing unstructured data can benefit you.

Endeca Technologies, Inc.
15 Feb 2011
15 Feb 2011
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This resource is no longer available.