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3-Step-Migration: Microsoft Office 2003 to Oracle Open Office


This brief white paper is designed to assist IT professionals and system integrators who want to move a department or organization from Microsoft Office 97/2000/XP/2003 to Oracle Open Office. The paper starts with a licensing cost comparison and then presents a simple 3-step-process for migration: evaluation and business case; software and data Migration; and integration and maintenance. The white paper discusses some of the key similarities and differences between Microsoft Office and Oracle Open Office. Migrating to Oracle Open Office is easily achievable with good planning, sufficient resources, and skilled project management. In addition, the majority of functions are similar making the switch to Oracle Open Office seamless to most users. The savings of moving to Oracle Open Office are substantial, giving you up to an 80% reduction in licensing costs, no annual fees, and no contractual obligations to purchase upgrades. That freedom and flexibility along with the cost savings make it very worthwhile to start a pilot or evaluation of Oracle Open Office. Finally another advantage is the that Oracle Open Office uses the OpenDocument Format (ODF), and open file format and an ISO standard.  Oracle consultants and sales representatives are very experienced in all aspects of Microsoft Office migration and can guide customers through the evaluation and migration process.


Oracle Corporation
14 Feb 2011
03 Jan 2011
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This resource is no longer available.