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Raining on Your Cloud Business: How the Wrong Storage Selection Can Increase Costs, Lower Margins, and Slow Growth


Deconstruct most Cloud Service Providers offerings and you’ll find that they are building businesses around hosting Virtual Machine instances to customers, coupled with a “Self Service” approach to provisioning, de-provisioning, and management. The foundation of this business model is a technology infrastructure built on shared storage capable of serving numerous clients with varied workloads, while maintaining linear performance service levels, over an extended period of time. On the surface, those are simple requirements, yet the reality is that most storage systems make compromises in order to deliver performance, capacity, or reliability. For a Cloud Service Provider, those compromises represent costs that affect gross margins and, ultimately, viability. Therefore, it’s vital when selecting storage for a cloud service provider to consider the performance, management, and reliability characteristics as they have a direct relationship to gross margin over time. Check out this white paper to learn more about what to consider when selecting storage for a cloud service provider, and how Xiotech ISE delivers a straight-line, highly profitable foundation for a cloud business model.

Xiotech Corporation
15 Feb 2011
14 Feb 2011
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This resource is no longer available.