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Expert Advice - 20 Practical Tips on Authentication and Access Management from Practiced Professionals


You know your organization’s need for stronger IT security can’t wait any longer. Regulatory compliance and the risk of a data breach are forcing you to implement more stringent security policies and procedures. However, user password problems continue to consume time, resources and money. With the cost of a security breach far outweighing the cost of a solution, the benefits of single sign-on (SSO) and strong authentication are too significant to pass up. But with tight budgets, resource constraints, and the prospect of a disruptive enterprise-wide deployment, the idea of such an undertaking can be daunting.

At times like these, you need expert advice - not from a vendor, but from actual peers who have successfully deployed SSO and strong authentication at their own companies - from those who have measured the results against the investment, and can share their experiences. So we approached some of our customers and asked them what advice they’d give to other IT executives who are contemplating the implementation of SSO and strong authentication. What follows are 20 tips for ensuring success based on their experiences.

03 Feb 2011
03 Feb 2011
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This resource is no longer available.