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EIU Report: Preemptive Action: Mitigating Project Portfolio Risks in the Financial Services Industry


Financial services companies, especially in the US and Europe, have felt the impact of a weakened economy and a stricter regulatory environment. Aware of the risks that failed projects can pose to their reputation, capital reserves and even to their survival, they are treading more carefully than ever with their project investments.

Many of those that survived the recession still face grim conditions in the coming years, as they continue to suffer losses on loans and securities and struggle to comply with new capital rules. Long-term viability depends on their ability to invest wisely in projects, meet regulatory targets and avoid the costly and public failures that brought down so many of their peers.

This paper presents the findings of research conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit.  Read this research paper to learn about:

  • How companies in the financial services industry examine their project management processes and methods for identifying failure and managing risk.
  • Decision-making processes involved once project failure is deemed likely, and how firms manage the fall-out from such decisions.
  • How the right project portfolio management (PPM) solution can help you achieve success and mitigate risk.
Oracle Corporation
31 Jan 2011
31 Jan 2011
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This resource is no longer available.