Trend Micro’s End-to-End Vulnerability Management: A New Approach to Layered Security

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The growing capabilities of applications and content delivery technologies have created entirely new architectures that have had nothing short of a transformative impact on IT. With this growth, however, have come new complexities—as well as new ways to exploit sensitive and valuable information resources. An explosion in system and application vulnerabilities has been met with new and sophisticated ways to attack these weaknesses and exploit information assets. This, in turn, has called into question many legacy approaches to security in the face of new risks and new threats.

In this paper, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) take a look at the factors driving the need for increased security, and how new approaches to mitigating vulnerabilities provide more ways to deliver vulnerability management. The Trend Micro approach, in partnership with Qualys, is highlighted as an example of a more comprehensive approach to tackling this challenge, providing continuous assessments and shorter response times in the face of more complex vulnerabilities and threats.

Trend Micro, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Jan 31, 2011
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