15-Minute Guide to Increasing Customer Loyalty: An Introduction to Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM)

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What exactly is the relationship between a loyal customer and a profitable enterprise, and what role can feedback play in improving loyalty?

Organizations with fiercely loyal customers, employees and business partners take the time to listen to feedback and integrate it into decision making at every level of the business. They have a process for continually listening, analyzing, and acting on feedback in order to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, improve employee productivity, and increase bottom-line profitability.

Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solutions provide the tools and services needed to help businesses transform feedback into business results. This paper provides an overview of EFM:

  • What is Enterprise Feedback Management?
  • Why is it critical to profitability and growth?
  • How do I implement an effective EFM strategy?
MarketTools, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Jan 26, 2011
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